New DJ Vince Vaughn Track Samples ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’

Must Go Faster (2014) - Raptor Records

Must Go Faster (2014) – Raptor Records

October 29th, 2014

ISLA SORNA – Canadian artist Sam Callahan, better known in the underground music circle as DJ Vince Vaughn, announced today the release date of his new electronic dance music album, Must Go Faster, from his vacation home on Isla Sorna, a small island west of Costa Rica.

The Hoser’s eagerly anticipated third full length album will be released February 10th, 2015 – six years to the day after his sophomore effort, 2009’s The Frederick Claus LP. Lead single “Dino DNA” will be released tonight at midnight, but only for those able to crack the code created by fictional character Dennis Nedry (Callahan’s producer/IT guru Dane White). Those who can’t crack it will have to wait until November 3rd to download the track via BitTorrent or purchase the compact disc, exclusively from Target.

“Dino DNA” features Vince Vaughn character Nick Van Owen’s famous line, “No onions on mine!” repeated during the chorus, as well as a rap verse by none other than Public Enemy’s Chuck D.

“When Sammy – I call him Sammy – reached out to me to record a verse on the new cut, I just had to say yes. It was just as much an honor for me to work with him as it was for him to work with me, you know what I’m saying?” explained Chuck D. “Plus I just love that movie, man. You know, it’s not as good as the original… Dr. Grant is my shit. But it’s still good. Goldblum’s still got it.”


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