You’ve Got Some Nerve Walking into This Bar and Not Ordering One of Our New Appetizers


Milwaukee’s Third Ward

October 28th, 2014

MILWAUKEE, WI – “If you come in here and just get a glass of water again, we’re going to have to ask you to leave,” said Richard Gallagher, assistant manager of Irish pub Lyin’ O’Brien’s in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward district. The seven year-old bar and grill recently released a new menu, including a new lineup of craft beers on tap, twelve different brands of whiskey, and a limited selection of appetizers.  “We’ve got all this alcohol, and now we’ve got some good food.  Come on.  You have to order something.  At least pretend to look at this menu.”

“We’re introducing some new food options,” explained Gallagher. “We used to just have that popcorn machine next to the dartboard, but people kept getting stuck in the shoulder.” The new menu options include Irish nachos, potato skins, fried chicken wings, and mini corndogs.

Gallagher elaborated, “We think serving the mini corndogs is a bit of a risk, but it’s one that we’re willing to accept. It’s not a traditional Irish meal, but they go surprisingly well with a pint of Guinness.”

The new menu will be available starting this weekend. “We probably won’t have happy hour, though,” stated Gallagher. “There’s just too much at stake with the mini corndogs. We also kept the popcorn machine by the dartboard.” Smiling, he added, “One step at a time, am I right?”

Lyin’ O’Brien’s opens at 2pm daily.

“But seriously, try the onion rings.  They’re cheap and they’re not that bad.”


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