This Pie Chart Needs to Cool on the Windowsill Before You Can Analyze It, Honey

Pie Chart Windowsill

October 27th, 2014

RIVERTON, WY – Freddy’s ma put a pie chart on the windowsill early this morning, and now she won’t let him eat it, reports The Ranger, Fremont County’s daily newspaper.

“Ma pulled it right out of the oven and set it yonder,” stated Freddy when interviewed by Ranger reporter Erin Evanston. “She said it has to cool yet, but I’ve seen hotter. I’d be alright.”

When pried for a statement, Freddy’s ma stated he would have to wait. “It just ain’t ready,” she said. “He won’t be able to analyze these figures until at least after supper. I’m making a meatloaf.”

Freddy’s pa was out in the fields till sundown and could not be reached for comment.


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